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Property Management


Pabalyn Properties offers a wide range of property management services. Our team has worked with investment properties and landlords for over 15 years and we know exactly what an investor needs within a property management company. Our service takes the headache out of managing your investment property or second home. Pabalyn Properties Management includes advertising your investment, screening potential tenants, managing the property, and the payment of mortgage, taxes, and utilities. All funds collected by Pabalyn Properties are placed in a trust account and then disbursed to the account of your choice. You are provided with monthly and annual reports.

Rental Fee: ½ of the first months rent. (You pay nothing in advance)

Management Fees:

6% for the collection of rents only

8% collection of rent, management of tenant and property

9% collection of rent, management of tenant and property, and bill payment

5% Vacation Rental Property

Scott Leonhard, owner of Pabalyn Properties personally screens and interviews every tenant. “I am strict in my screening process. I own rental property and I am an expert in qualifying tenants.” He also conducts an inspection of every managed property before and after it has been rented to ensure that the tenants return the property in the same condition as received. “We understand that your rental property is an investment. We take exceptional care of that investment in every way”, Scott remarked. Pabalyn Properties has developed relationships with a crew of licensed professionals including painters, plumbers, handymen, roofers, landscapers and more. These professionals are available 7 days a week to ensure that all concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

Pabalyn Properties is dedicated to providing the highest level of property management service. We are available 7 days a week to answer any of your questions. Please call Scott Leonhard for an interview at 858-349-9917.