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What to Do North County San Diego?


photo 2“What to do North County San Diego” is brought to you by Pabalyn Properties. In this blog we want to introduce you to North County San Diego from a different perspective – the air! Did you know that you can see one of the most beautiful parts on North County in a hot air balloon departing from Encinitas? There are a number of brightly colored balloons that lift off in a large field at the corner of Manchester and Rancho Santa Fe Road across from the 7-11. The balloons vary in size with some large baskets built for many passengers and others for two people who want a more private experience. Someone once told me that the large ones move like Cadillacs and the smaller balloons are like Ferraris. Most of the balloons leaving this area will fly over Rancho Santa Fe and touch down in open lots to the East. It is an amazing experience to see the homes in the wonderful community of Olivenhein and Rancho Santa Fe. It is difficult to see most of the property from the road but from the balloon you can see it all! We highly recommend the experience if you live in San Diego. We encourage you to get outside and make it happen! There are a number of outfits online that you can research for reservations. Please call ahead to make sure the wind is right to depart from Encinitas. Enjoy!

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