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Buying a Home

Buying a home in San Diego…

Buying a home in San Diego County today is far different than it was a few years ago. Today, in many price points, buyers are in competition for the most desirable homes. It’s not unusual for a well-priced, well-presented home to receive multiple offers within the first few days on the market.

What does that mean to you as a buyer?

It means you need every advantage, and that’s what you’ll get when you work with the Pabalyn team. Because you have to act fast as a buyer in a seller’s market, we begin by referring you to a reliable lender to become pre-approved for your home mortgage loan. Then we provide you with a custom MLS driven search that will inform you instantly when a new listing is entered into the system. When you let us know that a home is of interest, we make sure you are able to view it within 24 hours.

Since we’ve also listened carefully to your wants and needs, and since you might be too busy to notice that notification immediately, we also do our own search and let you know when we spot a new listing that might suit you.

Our service is not about making the sale – it’s about helping our clients find the right home. Thus, we won’t hesitate to point out drawbacks as well as benefits when touring homes. If we believe a home is the wrong choice for you, we’ll tell you why.

Since we want you to enjoy life in your new home, we’ll also respect your budget – and never encourage you to commit to a price that’s beyond your comfort level.

Once you’ve found the home you want…

We assist you in preparing an offer that will be viewed favorably. There’s far more to an offer than the price, and far more to presenting an offer than filling in the blanks on a contract and sending an email.

Along with making sure that each of the terms and conditions is accurately and clearly presented, we always include our buyers’ letter of mortgage approval and verification of their assets. Upon receiving our offer, the seller will have no doubt that the buyer can perform as agreed.

When dealing with short sales or bank owned properties, we’re careful to include only those contingencies that the bank will approve.

When dealing with homeowners, we take the time to learn what is most important to them, then structure the offer for the greatest appeal. Sometimes price is not the most important consideration.

We also have our buyers write a letter to the sellers. In that letter, they tell a little about themselves and why they’ve chosen this particular home. Depending upon the sellers, this can be the tipping point that causes them to choose our buyers over the others.

And then, although the offer may be transmitted electronically, we either meet face to face with the seller’s agent or contact them by phone. We emphasize the fact that our buyers are fully qualified and able to close. But we don’t leave it at that – we stay in touch with the seller’s agent, promoting our buyer’s cause, until the sellers have made their decision.

For both buyers and sellers there’s yet another edge – our reputation. Agents all over North County San Diego know that while we are strong negotiators and will protect our client’s best interests; we’re pleasant and easy to deal with.

Listing agents trust that we will do our part to bring a transaction to closing and that we will communicate well throughout the process. As a result, when all else appears to be equal, listing agents tend to favor our offers.

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